Progress with the planning process

The Victoria Road School site's progress through the planning process

This major development comprises the conversion of two historic granite school buildings and new build to provide affordable housing and community facilities.

The first steps in the planning process for Victoria Road School Community Regeneration Project in Torry were taken in August 2019 with the the submission of the Proposal of Application Notice (POAN) to Aberdeen City Council .

The planning application was submitted to Aberdeen City Council in November 2019.  The application and be viewed and commented on using the Aberdeen City Council website.

In May 2020 planning permission was granted by Aberdeen City Council to enable Grampian Housing Association and Torry Development Trust to proceed with this key community regeneration project. Read more in our press release.

In January 2022 revised plans were submitted for former Victoria Road School to create additional affordable housing. The revised planning application proposes 55 much-needed affordable homes, an increase from the previously consented 50 units for which consent was granted in 2019.  This is achieved by reconstructing an internal courtyard area over two storeys to provide a new upper floor and reconfiguration of the community facilities all of which creates the space for the five additional homes. Read more in our press release.

Revised plans (courtyard) 2022

Drawing showing the overhead view of the proposed reconstructing an internal courtyard area
Drawing showing the ground level view of the proposed reconstructing an internal courtyard area

Planning application

VRS 02.jpg

Location Plan

Location plan of the Victoria Road School regeneration site in Torry, Aberdeen