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Plans for the site

Our goals

Affordable homes for older and younger people and families, and homes with special needs support


Community nursery


Café, after school club, multipurpose community space


A development that respects Torry’s historic identity and reuses the current buildings

Accessible outdoor space with ramps making the site accessible to everyone


Our Vision for Victoria Road School

Short video showing how the site will be redeveloped.  Video created by David Murray Architects.

Vision for Victoria Road School redevelopment

Vision for Victoria Road School redevelopment

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Architects drawing

VRS 02.jpg

David Murray Associates (Architects) assessment of the site


The site slopes down considerably from South to North by approximately 9m, the steepest section being the southern half where the slope significantly exceeds the maximum recommended accessibility gradient. This creates a physical barrier to fully accessing the site and addressing this is critical to opening the site up to everyone.

Existing buildings

The existing buildings are constructed of local granite and have been in existence for well over 100 years. Despite over the past decade being subjected to neglect, vandalism and weather ingress, the existing built fabric remains sound.  
Removing unoriginal features such as the replacement roof on the main school building is proposed, and reinstating it to its original profile. In addition, existing buildings of no architectural merit such as the utilitarian sheds to the west will be demolished to clear room for new development. The retention of the granite (former) net store is to be considered.


Current trees and open spaces

The existing trees come under a tree preservation order and it is envisaged that the majority of these will be retained and incorporated into new landscaping within the site. There is also an opportunity to link into the adjacent sports & play facilities from within the site, creating a network of open space for local use.

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